by Nicolas Falcon

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released January 26, 2014



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Nicolas Falcon Milan, Italy

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Track Name: Boozehound Blues
Give me my poison babe and I'll be all right
'Cause I don't think I can make it otherwise
Just give me my poison and everything every little thing will be all right
Otherwise I don't think I'm gonna make it through the night
Track Name: Big Big Boss
You're the big big boss
You tell me what to do
And I'd gladly do my job
But I don't like your attitude
Now tell me who do you think you are
Besides the person who happens to be in charge?
Maybe you got lucky, maybe you worked really hard
And just maybe that doesn't make you smart
Just because I depend on this job for my pay
Doesn't mean I will ever let you talk to me that way
Track Name: Teeth
Lately every face I see looks like the enemy
There's no solidarity
Why do you expect for there to be?
Relieved and haunted by the fact
There's a part of me that will react
There's a fool I can't hold back
Under pressure he always cracks
Track Name: Drug Front
How many palms can you read in a day?
And how much is each willing to pay?
How much money can they possibly make?
It's a drug front and it's a dead giveaway
Track Name: You Make an Ass of Yourself
You make an ass of yourself whenever we go out
But I guess you just can't help being so loud
You're start drinking and you don't know when to stop
And people start thinking about calling the cops
You tell jokes, nobody laughs
You don't seem to care
You crack yourself up, throw up and fall down the stairs
And everyone's hoping you're seriously hurt
But you just get right back up, chug and burp
You make an ass of yourself
You make an ass of yourself when a girl breaks up with you
Don't you know when she says it's her and not you
It's usually not true
You keep calling and you don't know when to stop
You keep stalking her until she calls the cops
An her roommates are hoping you'll just let it go
Cause they're stuck between the sounds coming from her room and those of you pounding on the door
You make an ass of yourself
Track Name: Bigot
You've been hiding it some time
I know you must be ashamed
But babe I know you're not to blame
It's only the way you were raised
And I don't discriminate against those who discriminate
Aw babe to me it's all the same
And you never hurt anyone with your hate
So believe me when I say
You're a bigot but that's okay
You don't have to hide it no more, become a hypocritical bore
No babe to me it's all the same it's only the way you was raised
Track Name: Chinatown Bus
Where are we?
I fell asleep now I don't understand any of the street signs
This must be a foreign land
When the Morlocks wise up
Oh there'll be hell to pay
All the long decades past they've been all work we've been all play
When the Morlocks rise up
Oh there'll be hell to pay
All the long decades past they've been all work we've been all play